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What visitors said about our hostel

Sven, Denmark (19.7.2015, stayed 4 nights, rated 5)
Thank you again for your services and kindness, we enjoyed every day in your hostel. Definetly worth staying in if you visit Ljubljana!


Annete, Germany (1.7.2014, rated 4)
The location of the hostel is really nice, only couple of minutes walk to the center. Rooms were clean, staff is nice, and prices are cheap


Marco, Italia (2.8.2013, rated 4)
Very good hostel. Stayed another day in Ljubljana.


John B., UK (16.7.2012, stayed 3 nights, rated 5)
Totally loved it. Highly recommended if you stay in Ljubljana!


Andrea Garibaldi, Italy (11.7.2012, stayed 2 nights, rated 5)
A friend recommended your hostel and we weren’t disappointed. Great prices, everything was even better than expected. We are coming back next year!